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disyembre 2018, ikalawang linggo

09 December 2018 What are you passionate about? I am passionate about learning; but I procrastinate a lot unfortunately.

10 December 2018 I realize tomorrow _______ …is another day! Duh, lol.

11 December 2018 Are you holding a grudge? Of course not! The grudge can crawl down the stairs by herself, so why should I? Hahaha!

12 December 2018 What was weird about your day? Well, it’s always weird every single day; and that’s weird yeah know!

13 December 2018 How much of your day did you spend completely alone? Should I say, I have been alone for my entire life… #char.

14 December 2018 How are you expanding your mind? Kapag nag-bike ako. I feel like the fresh (or not-so-fresh) air from the outside is slowly expanding my mind.

15 December 2018 What word are you using too much lately? I used too much of like, you know, and yeah! Also, hahaha!

disyembre 2018, unang linggo

nobyembre 2018, ikatlong linggo

nobyembre 2018, ikalawang linggo



maaliging alibi


“Iba talaga ang mga bata ngayon eh,”

"Struggle is real!"