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Biyernes, Marso 28, 2014

The First Day We Met...

I just don’t know if they could still remember. The first three questions that I asked them on the first day we met. Hirap mag-english (hahaha), kung nakalimutan man nila, sa pamamagitan ng blogpost na ito, baka ito’y kanilang maalala. Itinago ko ang kanilang mga sinagutang papel sa loob ng humigit-kumulang sampung buwan, sila lang ang makahuhusga kung natupad man ang mga naisulat nila.

            Ito ang tatlong tanong ko; (noong June 10, 2013)
                        1. How do you want IV-St. Peter to be remembered?
                        2. What can you contribute to make our section a remarkable one?
                        3. How is your first day?

            Narito ang kanilang mga sagot: (in random order)

KAREN said…

1. I want this section to be remembered as ‘one’ – unity and cooperation is what we need.
2. I can contribute my cooperation and ideas to my classmates.
3. My first day was fine. I enjoyed talking to my classmates. And my adviser, he’s nice, and I think he can handle our section. I didn’t have the chance to talk to my new classmates but soon, I’ll get to know them and make friends with them.

 KIM said…

1. This is my last year in this school. So, I decided to do childish things before I go to college. I want my last year to be memorable together with my friends.
2. As a member of IV-St. Peter, I will follow the rules and regulations not only as a model of this batch but as a student.
3. I felt excited because of a new classmate and teacher.

DIANA said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter not only to be the cream section that used to stay in classroom and just study. I want it to be an active section in a positive way.
2. I can contribute my skills in arts and leadership which can lead us to our very best.
3. My fist day was so great even if there are only 3 new faces and majority of my classmates are my long time companions. I am glad that they trust me to be their Vice President.

 REY said…

1. Uniqueness.
2. My not-so-creative ideas.
3. Fine. Fun. Unexpected things happened.


1. As the batch that made a difference; not just your average first section.
2. My creativity (lol, how mediocre is that?) (IRONY)
3. It was like any other day in the school year except we had to introduce ourselves and we have a new adviser.

 HOLLY said…

1. I want our section to be remembered by unity.
2. By having my bright ideas to make our section a remarkable one.
3. NICE.


1. Being the role model for being the cream section of the batch and being the good Ate’s and Kuya’s for the lower batches.
2. I will obey the rules and regulations of the school as well as my teacher. I will lessen the noise that I create so some students will do such things like mine.
3. First day? Well, I’m pretty sure that I enjoyed it. It’s nice to have the same classmates and it’s better to have an adviser who is a good person and open-minded. I’m lucky that I belong here, St. Peter SY 13-14.

 GRACE said…

1. Fourth year St. Peter should be remembered by their attitudes like honesty and being competitive. We must act as one.
2. As the class president, I want them to enjoy their last school year being in high school. I’ll give them such freedom but I don’t want to be abused.
3. This year’s first day was unexpected.


1. A section oozing with different ideas and personalities.
2. I can contribute to my section by participating actively in the section and the school’s activities and program.
3. It was fun and way better than I expected it. But I still can’t grasp the fact that this will be my last year here on CSPB. I’m also getting use to the idea of being the eldest people in campus.

 KYRA said…

1. I want this section to be remembered to be a section that made a difference; one that’s not like the norm and can actually make things happen.
2. I can probably help with most things related to multimedia arts and speaking in English.
3. Better than expected even though I’m still not completely used to interacting with my classmates.

 VALERIE said…

1. I want this section to be remembered as an awesome one. Why? Because I want them to realize that the cream section is not only good in academics but also in bonding with other people and working as one.
2. As a student, I can bring happiness to other people and to socialize with others.
3. Um, it’s okay.

 KYLA said…

1. I want people to remember us as the most solid section in the history of CSPB.
2. I wouldn’t be a passive member and I’ll be cooperative with every activity in school.
3. It’s kinda great. I’m happy with who I’m with and of course the teachers who will be teaching us.

MARIEL said…

1. We want to show to everyone that we’re not exactly what they’re thinking na kapag nasa cream section ka, mahirap kang lapitan o kaya masyadong mataas ang tingin sa sarili. We want to be different in a way na kahit just for once, ma-realize nila na we are one of them. I want them to know kung gaano kasarap or let’s say kung paano kami magmahalan. Hehe.
2. I can be the bridge. Lol. But I think yun nga, parang I can be one of those guys na magiging way para maging okay yung relation namin sa ibang section. Hopefully, that’s enough to make it remarkable.
3. It’s been a great day! And I had so much fun with them.


1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered as a section full of happiness; a section with bright students who are humble, friendly and God-fearing. Lastly, a section that is not passive.
2. I can contribute my skills in academics especially in Math. I want our section to be the best in whatever we do.
3. I was so glad today because I met my friends whom I did not see for the last two months.

 LIA said…

1. To be the best section ever!
2. Hmmm. To be a good girl.
3. It’s fun because I’m very excited to be in star section again. It’s nice to be back. Pero sir feel ko nung una baka di sila masaya kasi may nawala sa star, pero ngayong first day ay okay na po.

 AYIZ said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter 2k13-2k14 to be remembered as an active class and a section who work as one.
2. I think the contribution that I can give here is to be active and to be cooperative.
3. My first day is well. I met my friends again. And I’m glad to be in star section. I’m happy that Sir Buendia is our adviser.

 RAINE said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered as an enjoyable class. So that in the future, every time I think about my HS life, this section will be awesome.
2. What I can contribute in this section is being a truthful classmate.
3. I enjoyed my first day because I met my friends and I met our adviser. We had a lot of fun this day.

 CHARINA said…

1. Worst star section EVAAAHRR. No, just kidding. Mehehee. I think I want us to be remembered as the “friendliest” star section ever because almost all hetero thinks that we’re not approachable, we’re “mayayabang” because we are smart, something like that. There are no boundaries!!! WOOOO!
2. Yah know, I’ll be participating in all “FUNS” that we’ll have and make FUN. HA HA. I really don’t know what to say actually. XD.
3. FUN. Because we saw a spider and named it ‘Peter’ and my friends were scared and I’m not, so I’m scaring them for how many minutes and also it is an honor to be one of the class officers again. I feel so loved.

 JOLO said…

1. St. Peter – inside their hyper, semi-barbaric and talkative manner is the mature and intelligent person.” This is how I want people to remember us; not just the outside but also the inside.
2. I will try to have a friendly relationship with each and everyone in the class. Cooperation, suggestions and expressing my ideas will help. (I think).
3. Fun.

 JET said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered as a section with unity, cooperation and respect to everyone.
2. I can contribute anything to make our section a remarkable one; I must say that it is my whole self. I will do my best to do things that will benefit not only myself but also other people, our whole section. I will help make our section a remarkable one in my own little things.
3. I can say that my first day is completely fine and an enjoyable one. I was given time to see and interact with my classmates, as well as expressing myself.

 CLOI said…

1. The most awesome section. I want to change the image “cheater” given to us.
2. I will be a role model to others. Start and end this school year doing my best and not ruin the image of IV-St. Peter.
3. My first day was great, no pressure. We miss you sir!

 JERE said…

1. I want his section to be remembered as the best section ever.
2. Being good. And being a role model to everyone.
3. Better than last year.

 ROSS ANN said…

1. I want this section to be remembered as good and well-mannered students and not being the “worst”.
2. I can contribute by being respectful and responsible and being confident in joining different activities.
3. I’m happy that they are still my classmates. I think this section will function well, though I’m late.

 TRISHA said…

1. I want my section to be remembered as the coolest section. And for being the section who gives all their best in every competition.
2. I think the least thing I can contribute in our section is my ideas.
3. My first day is so exciting. Because I will meet my new teacher and old friends, also I’m excited to meet new friends.

 DALLY said…

1. I want our section IV-St. Peter to be remembered as a very close group of people. People who are filled with confidence. For now, we are still young and brimming with talent. At the end of the school year, I wish that we have all grown and closer than before.
2. I will try my best to be one of those people who will connect my friends to our classmates whom they aren’t close to, making stronger bonds on the way. Of course, I will also try my best to help myself and my friends stronger in every possible way.
3. I find this first day back to school as something very fun and exciting right from the start. I was also able to converse with almost all of my classmates so that’s a good start for me.

 DARWIN said…

1. I want my section to be successful this school year.
2. I will contribute happiness in our class. I will make the classroom clean.
3. I’m happy because I met my new and old classmates.

 CG said…

1. For the fun that our section will have.
2. To give energy and make the room lively.
3. It’s fine.

 PAUL said…

1. I want my section to be remembered as a good role model section.
2. I will contribute money to the class fund.
3. My first day is good and I’m happy for my classmates.

 REUTER said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered as an energetic class.
2. I will contribute all. I will make the classroom clean.
3. GOOD.

 JANTEN said…

1. By the achievements that we will get.
2. Maybe I will discover it soon and I will try to discover it.
3. I don’t know; I am feeling sleepy right now.

 ANA MAY said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered as the best section in the fourth year.
2. I think being responsible and cooperative are the things I can contribute. Also some of my talents, I will do my best to make our section remarkable.
3. My first day is enjoyable because I was seated beside my friends. Our adviser is nice and good even though I think he is a strict person.


1. In the past few years, I had been in the star section. I think every year there is always a bad issue about us. This year, I want us to be recognized as a real role model of the whole school. I want them to see the good side of us.
2. The usual things like obeying the rules and regulations, practicing my leadership and building more confidence.
3. It’s good and I’m really looking forward for the whole school year.


1. Since this is our last year in CSPB as a high school student, I want it to be special and unforgettable one. As much as possible, I want our section to be one of the happiest and a responsible section.
2. I know, as a normal student like me, I can contribute something even if it’s just a little thing. Like being one of the responsible students inside the classroom, respecting one another and following instructions inside the campus, so that in a little way I can show my contribution to make our section a remarkable one.
3. My first day was fine. And I’m looking forward for the whole year.


1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered by being the MODEL of all the sections not only for being smart but also for the attitude of what students should be.
2. I think the only contribution I can give is by simply following all the rules and regulations commanded in our room. And by cooperating with my colleagues.
3. It’s fun! Because of my friends; we saw each other again. New teachers, new learning.


1. This is my last year so I want it to be a memorable one.
2. Maybe happiness because if you want it to be remarkable, the best way is to make it a happy section with respect to others.
3. My first day is good as I expected. Somehow, I am happy to see my classmates and friends, also my teacher is nice and I hope he will be nice until the end of the school year.

 AINIEL said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered not in a way like we are the “noisy ones” or the “grade conscious students” but in a way that we are who we are.
2. I would give my time, the very best that I can be to help this section stand up and be a remarkable one.
3. My first day went good. From the start to the end because we got new comrades and I get to meet our new teacher / adviser.

 JOK said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered by all of the high school students because we will do our very best to be active in this school year.
2. I’m going to do what I can.
3. Boring. I think I’m going to get sick because I don’t have someone to talk to.

 KYLE said…

1. I want IV-St. Peter to be remembered in terms of our relationship with our adviser and the other subject teachers. A kind of relation that is full of excitement, good manner and being true to yourself.
2. I will cooperate with our class officers, respect our adviser and do my best if ever they will be needing my help.
3. Well it’s nice. Being with you, Sir Buendia, as our adviser. I still miss my vacation like I still want to sleep all day lalo na po yung half-day. Joke lang po. I hope this section / batch will be joyful and full of excitement. Have a nice day po.

 MIGO said…

1. IV-St. Peter will do our best. We will stand tall against other section. I’m sure our section has this special ingredient that makes us unique and remarkable.
2. I or we will inspire you.
3. Awesome.

 RUSSELL said…

1. By how creative we are and different to others which will make IV-St. Peter to be remembered.
2. By giving ideas in such things to build an awesome thing for our section.
3. My first day in school was good. I missed my classmates so I’m happy to see them again and our adviser is very interesting.

 JC said…

1. I want this section, IV-St. Peter to be remembered not only as the cream section this school year. I want it to be remembered on how we express ourselves, that we’re not just studious people; we also know how to be with different kinds of people. We want to be remembered that we also belong to the rest of the batch.
2. I will do anything I can in order to make the image of this section good to other people and as a student outside the school. Every year, I can contribute mostly through the cleanliness of our classroom.
3. It is a normal school day for me because we already knew each other.



8 komento:

  1. Hahaha... Oh my... My brother talked to me about re-considering teaching HS kasi nga ang major ko any pang-HS talaga. Kung ganito ka-sweet, smart and awesome ang magiging future students ko, I guess, I might just say yes and will totally not regret it.

    Remembering the first day and looking at the present, and seeing how things have changed, mas marami ka ngang makikitang pagbabago sa sarili mo and these kids can really influence anyone in ways they can't imagine they would. And yes, it's always for the Good! Good luck sa next batch, for sure, they will have a great time with you too!!!

    Kudos Cher Jep!

    Mga Tugon
    1. Sana ma-try mo sa HS. Kakaibang saya, kakaibang challenge! :)
      Pero, pagdating sa 'sweetness', wala na sigurong dadaig pa sa mga elem students :) hehehe

  2. Umm, ginawa po ba natin 'to nung first day natin? Hahaha, seriously, hindi ko na maalala sir. It's been 3 years. :/ Anyway, kamusta sir Jep? Hope you have a good one :)

    << Second year na. :D

    Mga Tugon
    1. Ginawa rin natin yan. Iba nga lang :)

      Tandang-tanda ko pa nung third year pa kayo (III-St. Catherine) ang ipinasulat ko naman ay kung ano sa tingin ninyo ang dapat nyong gawin para pumasa sa third year pati na rin yung mga bad study habits na gusto niyong baguhin, then nung last day natin ibinalik ko yung papel para ma-check ninyo kung alin dun ang mga nagawa ninyo :) hindi ko lang na-document kasi binigay ko na sa inyo yung mga papel :)

      *if my memory serves me right* :)

  3. Hello. Itatanong ko sana kung binalikan ninyo yung mga sagot during the last week of school. Well documented, at malinis ang pagkaka-post. I enjoyed reading some of the answers kaya na-curious ako kung natupad naman ba.

    Never taught high schoolers, even middle schoolers. Hindi ko kaya, baka kainin ako ng buhay ng mga estudyante. For now, happy happy pa rin sa preschool.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Di na po ako nagkaroon ng chance na ibigay ito sa kanila nung mga huling araw. Kaya minabuti ko na lang na gawin bilang isang blogpost. Sana lang ay mabalikan nila at mabasa. :)

      Kung may tiyaga lang din ako sa mga preschool, mas gugustuhin kong magturo sa mga super cute na bata. Nakakatuwa kasi sila. Normal at maiintindihan mo pa ang pagkakulit :)

  4. Honestly, parang 10 students lang ang binasa ko, ang haba. Pero one thing I've noticed, mga promising ang mga students mo. Siguro dahil nasa cream section sila. Naalala ko tuloy noong HS ako where I also belong to the pilot section - the creme de la creme.

    Sana mabasa nila ito, ibigay mo sa kanila ang link ng blog mo Sir Jep hahahaha.

    Mga Tugon
    1. Hahahaha :) ok lang na di mo mabasa lahat. Napakadami naman kasi nila, mga 41 students (absent pa isa) lols.

      May ilan sa kanila na natuklasan ang tungkol sa blog ko, at alam kong may nakapagbabasa :)


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