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Huwebes, Pebrero 27, 2014

Blogging sa Lesson Plan :)

"Kapag ako'y nababato,
nagba-blog sa lesson plan ko.
Sarili'y tinatanong,
ng kung anu-ano."

2 / 27 / 14 (while in my class… morning schedule…)

Q1: Where do you want to go?
A1: I want to be in a place where there are many people who are busy living their life doing passionately the thing that they want to do.

Q2: Who do you want to meet?
A2: I want to meet an old guy who is about twice of my age, full of wisdom and has many stories to share.

Q3: What are you thinking today?
A3: I’m thinking of the people I’m going to meet in the future… I’m thinking of traveling with some fellow bloggers.

Q4: If you were a writer, what do you want to write about?
A4: I want to write about how it feels to love and be loved, and be hurt because of love.

Q5: Are you feeling good today?
A5: I’m not feeling well actually… I have a sore throat… I have ‘low tolerance’ on ‘sweet things’…

Q6: Are you living the life of your dream?
A6: Not exactly because I feel like being contained and limited here inside the classroom.

Q7: What’s your problem?
A7: I have a problem with my mind lols! Whenever I don’t have anything to do other than supervising my students while doing their electric circuit activity, my mind thinks of a lot of things. It’s so spontaneous haha I can’t handle it.

Q8: Where are you now?
A8: I am often out of my physical body hehe or out of my mind maybe. I’m always thinking out of where I am currently situated. Like now, I feel like being out of this monotonous routine life in school. I don’t know why I always believe that I deserve to be on another place.

Q9: What is something that you have observed unusual today?
A9: While I’m writing here, it’s unusual that my students are all busy doing their activity without doing unnecessary noise (miracle?).

(Continuation… 2:10pm… afternoon schedule… break…)

Q10: What do you want as of this moment?
A10: I want to go home, finish my exam and read books (wow? haha). I am currently reading “Gray Matter” by Joel Kilpatrick.

Q11: Where do you want to sleep?
A11: I want to sleep in a bus. I like the idea of moving on from one place to another while sleeping. I want to be seated near the window.

Q12: How do you want this day to end?
A12: I want to end this day in a “haggard mode” or by watching the movie “127 Hours” before I sleep.

Q13: What do you want to eat?
A13: Hot fudge sundae hahaha but I’m afraid of tonsillitis.

Q14: Are you bored?
A14: I don’t know. I just don’t know what to do that will make my life more than productive.

Q15: How many questions would you like to ask to yourself?
A15: As many as I can, for as long as it is still my break! (20 minutes more before my next class…)

-nothing follows haha-


12 komento:

  1. nyahaha iba rin pala ang saltik mo pag bored ka... kasi ako pag bored ako nginangatngat ko na lang yung kuko ko sa kamay... charts lang.

  2. Gusto ko rin yung question and your answer for number three. I wanted to do that. I remember going to Siem Reap with someone from Iloilo, from Chicago and then me. All three of us flew from three different places and met there. It was so much fun!

    I also like Q13 and I am feeling hungry even at this time of the night. Gustuhin ko mang lumabas wag na lang, baka ma stranded pa ako ng protesters. Q14- we all get bored and when I am I go to sleep which is rare because I am always working, no idle time for me so there is no time to think of stressful things.

    Nice handwriting you got there and very valid questions.

    Mga Tugon
    1. gusto ko talagang mag-travel, pero gusto ko munang mag-start as solo traveler hehe :)

      may mga nagpo-protesta pa rin pala diyan?...
      siguro napaka busy mo talagang tao sir jo...

  3. Q and A portion with own yourself.

    Q2: parang gusto mo maka meet ng isang wizard. hehehe

    Q3 Are you living the life of your dream?
    A6: Not exactly because I feel like being contained and limited here inside the classroom. (BUHAY TEACHER)

    nice post. I learned to know you more

    Mga Tugon
    1. yeah, gusto ko talaga maka-meet ng isang wizard :) ewan ko pero gusto ko talagang matuto mula sa mga stories ng mga nakakatanda sa akin... alam mo naman ang buhay teacher, nagkukulong sa classroom haha :)

      thanks! :)

  4. Astig namn to , pag pagod at bored marmi tlga naiisip

  5. I thoroughly read this and I enjoyed this much. I particularly like Q2 since I still want to meet more bloggers in person. But the entire questions and answers didn't bore at all. Ang sarap lang basahin kasi napaka spontaneous ng pagkasulat. And partida pa yan ha, nasa classroom ka pa. Sana more of this kind of entry - randomness at its best. And I'm getting to know you a bit more.

    Mga Tugon
    1. parang mga questions lang sa slam book hehe :)

      i hope maka-meet din ako ng mga bloggers, pero ayoko ng planado, gusto ko bigla ko na lang sila makikita or makakasalubong kung saan man ako naroon para surprise hehe :)

  6. buti walang naligaw na student sa likod nyo then biglang magtatanong.. ser ano pong ginagawa nyo? ano kayang isasagot nyo? hehe!

    salamat po pala sa pagfollow sa aking munting tambayan :))

    Mga Tugon
    1. wala naman hehe :)
      kapag may papalapit kasing student, isinasara ko kaagad :)

      salamat din! :)


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