disyembre 2018, unang linggo

02 December 2018
Who is your best friend?
Myself. Kasi baka di naman nila alam na best friend ko sila, at least walang commitment at expectation, puro reality lang! Lol.

03 December 2018
Who is the first person you saw today?
Si mudra. Dumating siya from the market-market while I’m ‘breakfasting’ hahaha!

04 December 2018
What memory do you want to keep from today?
Hindi ito actually today, di ko kasi nasunod yung schedule ng pagsagot ko eh. Pero ngayong araw, wala eh. Wala naman masyadong memorable. Pero at least more than 3 sentences ang sagot ko. Pwede na.

05 December 2018
How much money is in your wallet?
Confidential. And I am confident that even my confidants don’t know it, even myself because I don’t count it; but one thing is for sure, every barya counts! And I thank you! 

06 December 2018
What makes you sweat?
Mabilis talaga akong pagpawisan, lalo na kapag mainit sa labas. You know, inside our house kasi naka AC kami, like alternating current, waley! Hahaha!

07 December 2018
What do you wish your job was?
Researcher. Yung nasa lab. Scientist. Photographer. Journalist. Lahat yan!

08 December 2018
What relationship did you nurture today?
Ang sabi, nurture the future with Pigrolac, charot Promil yun! Hahaha, ang baboy ko. So yeah, I nurture the future, wala naman kasi akong ka-relationship…

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